It's coming. Collect what you need to kill it. Click and hold to look and walk. Good luck. Disclaimer: Made this game in 5-ish hours.


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Wow... what a fun and scary game. You really made it atmospheric with the sounds and stuff. 

Thanks heaps :)

This game is impressive! Especially the sound when I saw the monster XD and I don't know how to shoot when I got the bow and arrow so all I can do is die :) anyway good concept and art (the art is actually decent)

Thanks!! Yeah you've got to click the monsters head to shoot, but I may redo it to find a more intuitive way.

Constrols are very uncomfortable. I've made bow and arrows, but never really managed to find actual enemy.

Also, it is almost impossible to see what I"m typing here due to page style XD

Controls were originally for Touch devices so I can see how they're a bit awkward haha

The enemy is heading towards you the whole time so just stay still and you'll find it :)